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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ron - 70% of the USA's Economy is Consumer Spending

A portion of my recent work examines the man-made landscape that our contemporary suburban/consumer society has constructed over the course of the last several generations.  Most of it is spiritually vacuous and is devoid of cultural value and leaves a legacy that is greatly lacking.  The suburban/consumer landscape has been homogenized, sanitized and distilled to the point that it has lost any sense of individuality as it seeks to be completely inoffensive. 

Having lived in the Carmel, Indiana area for the last 49 years I have witnessed, first-hand the evolution of this landscape and the culture that accompanies it.  I endeavor to make the photographs present the viewer with a truthful perspective beyond the perception that is foisted upon us every day by corporate marketeers.

This post features a series of photographs made one evening in early June.  I had been looking at these particular scenes for many months and was waiting for the right time to make the exposures.  Finally one evening I realized that the sky was finally devoid of clouds and the early setting sun was on the verge of almost the exact light that I wanted.

So, Satch and I took off for the shopping area.  After arriving, over the course of an hour-plus I made several exposures and Satch took some snapshots while I worked.  Some of my photographs are presented here as a contact sheet of sorts that shows the frames that I chose to print.  Please take a look at the finished photographs below the contact sheet and later I will talk a little about them.
(click on the contact sheet to enlarge)