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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mike- Post II

Hartford City, Indiana, circa 1965-70.  Like many small midwestern towns, Hartford City was in the midst of bustling activity on the downtown square.  The County Courthouse on the square stood in the middle of department stores, five and dimes, a couple of drug stores (one of which had a lunch counter) and a furniture store.  This downtown area was just a block off the State Highway which carried traffic north and south to larger cities.

There was a grocery store just off the Square and my Mom and her 3 sons lived close enough to be able to walk there.  Until a new high school was built in 1970, the city high school was close enough to the drug store with the lunch counter that we could walk there for cheeseburgers and fries after school.  I worked there from 1968-1972.  I would stock shelves, clean up, mop the floor Sunday mornings, and worked the cash register on Sunday afternoons. 

All very typical.