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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Beginning of Truth From Perceptions

I've always believed that it is not necessary to travel to exotic locations to make photographs.  Wherever one is located, exploring one's environment and discovering and then seeing what lies beneath the obvious is always possible.  Being more familiar with a place is helpful.  Over time as I learn more about and observe a particular place, my seeing becomes more focused.

At the beginning of the Truth from Perceptions project I went to some places where, over the course of my life, I had been many times before.  Here are some photographs made early on from Carmel, where I have lived for most of the last 49 years.

It was a gorgeous winter day and it was like the sky was playing its own concerto.  The interaction of the natural clouds with the contrails was quite something.  The area where these photographs were made is one that stills reveals Carmel's history as a small town whose livelihood likely revolved around this grain elevator adjacent to the railroad tracks - maybe that is why I'm drawn here so often.

The two photographs that I particularly like are Carmel 4 and 5.

(Click on the photos to enlarge)