Exhibition - December 31, 2011 - February 7, 2012 • Midland Arts and Antiques Market, Indianapolis

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ron - More Photographs and Thoughts

Well, I thought I was done with making photographs before the upcoming exhibition.  But on Wednesday a few things presented themselves and I had to pay attention.  At times when I least expect it, a photograph presents itself.

The fact that I am entering a new chapter in my photography, and as I am in the midst of editing for our upcoming exhibit, my view of photography continues to clarify.  And, what I  experienced this past week validates what I have been thinking and feeling.

When I am photographing I feel and sense the spirit of what I am seeing.  The "design" of the subject or scene (natural or manmade, intentional or incidental) becomes an integral of the final composition.  I examine and present nature's and/or man's mark, the combination of which is often society's response to my subject.  The resulting photograph shows the condition and existence of the subject within a context, literal or metaphorical.  That being said, trying to recreate my feelings and perception through a lens and onto film via this machine, the camera, is incredibly difficult and at times more than frustrating.

As I imply in my artist statement, which I will post directly below Satch's photograph, I photograph within the environment that I know or find myself in - the world in which I live.  I do not find it necessary to travel to a locale to make photographs that present something exotic, unfamiliar or detached from my day to day existence.  Rather I endeavor to delve into my surroundings within the scope of where I live my life.

When I first read Edward Henry Satchwill III's poem "Societal Instincts" I became more acutely aware of what I was trying to say with my photography and the "Truth From Perceptions" concept was born.  (Full disclosure - Edward Henry Satchwill III is my nephew.  His poetry continually provides inspiration, and I thank him for that.)

My future photography will continue to be informed by these ideas.  As I enter a new chapter both photographically and in my life, which will be discussed in detail at a later date, these ideas and concepts will continue to inform and guide my work.

Ron with his Polaroid Camera, Photograph by Satch, 11/23/2011

You can read the poem "Societal Instincts" at this previous post.

My Artist Statement:

I aspire to discover and reveal the spiritual essence and truth of my environment.  For me, photography is a vital element of life; it is esoteric and abstract, yet temporal and existent.

Anything at any time can be subject matter.  Often I make images as a reaction to the environment in which I find myself or to something that I observe by looking beyond the obvious characteristics and form of a subject, either instantly or over a period of time.