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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mike- Post VIII

                                                                      -- THE MALL --

Probably built in the mid to the late 1960's, the Muncie Mall offered the chance for people in the surrounding towns to drive a short distance and have numerous stores and shops to chose from. Located about 16 miles to the north of the Mall, the people of Hartford City were no different. While our Mom never owned a car, we would ride with friends to the mall to buy our new school clothes. Saving a few dollars on a pair of shoes, and a couple of bucks on pants or a shirt was important at the time. But you know, I don't think we realized what would happen. Maybe it's only human nature, but I don't think we understood the changes that would take place, in Indiana and all across the country. Month after month, as several years pass, and it adds up. Or, for the downtown businesses, it didn't. Of course, they gradually began to close. The last photo above is where the JC Penny store once had been.