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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Mike- Post V

Montgomery Wards

Montgomery Wards

Mehling's Drug Store

ForgottenNo one wants to be forgotten.  “Remember me” is a poignant and timeless request made by many.  The same goes with places.  In this time of fabricated throw-away buildings and look-a-like structures, there is something wonderful about an old building that has been standing for over a century.  And yet, and yet, there is such little regard for the weathered buildings of the past that stand either deserted in the center of once was my bustling small town.  Long forgotten are the summer nights on the courthouse square where families would gather to enjoy the county fair.  The sounds of rides, the smells of fair food, and the displays, exhibits, and souvenirs all nestled together in the heart of our small downtown for an unforgettable county fair.  Or, was it unforgettable?  As you stand on the courthouse square today, you would never know.  Again, it’s the disconnect between the present and the past that my photographs attempt to capture to make the point that it is our memories which tend to blur the reality of the past with the present.  It’s almost like I wish I could step through the photographic image back into the time that is preserved through my memories to see the small town once again that I remember.